ClinActis: Bringing the Western CRO Mindset to Asia

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ClinActis: Bringing the Western CRO Mindset to Asia

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Christophe Tournerie, CEO, ClinActisChristophe Tournerie, CEO
As a CRO ace in Asia, ClinActis has been providing international clinical research expertise for almost a decade now. With a western mindset based in Asia, the company stands out as the experts of international quality standards in Asia, provided in a cost-effective way. Leveraging a combined experience of over three decades of the team, ClinActis has an extensive network of investigator sites in Asia. The majority of CROs operating in Asia are global, and most often, global CROs in Asia are fairly expensive and lack experience or proximity with the local markets. Consequently they are unable to deliver results on a timely basis. Local CROs in Asia are only present in one or two countries, which limits their reach, and they lack understanding of international quality standards. ClinActis, on the other hand, provides cost-effective solutions with its experienced Project Managers that can effectively manage risks, especially when it comes to timelines for patient recruitment because the company recruits the right profiles with the adequate experience. “Risks linked to timelines for patient recruitment need to be managed with methods specific to the region, which we are well experienced in. There is also specific support needed in order to ensure patient enrollment as per objectives, and at ClinActis, all professionals are able to deal with this aspect in a cost-effective manner,” says Christophe Tournerie, CEO of ClinActis.

The company provides a comprehensive set of services, from strategic consulting, monitoring, site management, regulatory and IRB submission, project management, medical monitoring, data management (EDC), medical writing, PV to biostatistics. ClinActis can also do the mapping of any clinical trial, whatever the indication, the phase of the study and the client’s budget constraints. As an expert in clinical research activities in Asian countries, the company is well versed with the pros and cons of each country.
“We understand our international clients’ needs, and the role of ClinActis can be adjusted to client-specific needs from full service to just one specific task,” explains Tournerie. He further says, “Globally, we are a mid-size CRO, but in Asia, we have a solid presence in each of the countries we cover, compared to large global CROs who have minimal presence in each of the Asian countries.”

We understand our international clients’ needs, and the role of ClinActis can be adjusted to clientspecific needs from full service to just one specific task

In addition, ClinActis understands how staff turnover in a project team impacts the quality of the study. This is the reason the company employs numerous strategies to ensure staff satisfaction by understanding and managing the expectations of staff, especially in a culturally diverse environment as Asia. ClinActis provides the relevant technical and soft skills training to ensure staff can perform to the best of their abilities and mentors the staff to enable them to develop their careers within their growing organization.

Over the years, the company has worked with numerous clients and delivered successful outcomes. In an instance, for a global phase III study in Europe, U.S., and Asia, in colorectal cancer, 3 Asian countries were the first to recruit patients globally. To support the study, ClinActis was able to recruit 70 percent of the global patient target from Asia itself.

Moving forward, ClinActis plans to continue and expand its presence in the region with legal entities in China, Japan, and Australia. The company also plans to develop in-house new technologies, as well as expand its palette of services such as patient recruitment services. “We are growing through alliances with networks of CROs in order to offer global coverage thanks to regional experts in each region, to compete with global CROs,” adds Tournerie. The company has recently concluded an alliance called ACROSS with a group of CROs, covering 52 countries in total. With this, the company is starting to propose joint global clinical services to the industry which will work as a one-stop shop.
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